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ABLE Human Motion


Av. Diagonal 647, Planta 4 (CREB), Despatx 4.30 08028 Barcelona

Industries: Healthtech & Medtech, Hardware & Wearables, Mobility

Technologies: Robotics, 3D Printing, Artificial Intelligence, Cloud Computing , Connectivity & 5G Other fields: Industry 4.0, Social Economy

Funding stage: Seed (0.25 M EUR - < 1 M EUR) Founded: 2018 Employees: From 6 to 10

Business model: Development & Manufacturing, Ecommerce & Trade, Others Target: Business, Consumer

Spinal cord injury is a catastrophic event that thrusts 5 million people worldwide into a life challenged by disability. These people could walk again if they had a robotic exoskeleton. However, current devices are expensive, heavy and require supervision. ABLE is the first lightweight, easy-to-use and affordable exoskeleton that restores their ability to walk naturally and intuitively. It helps palliating health complications while boosting self-confidence and independence.


0.7M € ( November 2019 )

Minority stake unknown %

Investors: BSTARTUP

Source: Press releases , newsletters & platforms , company websites , annual reports & accounts , regulatory body sites & stock exchanges

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