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Other brands: ADAS3D, 3D-DXA


Carrer Comte D'Urgell, 143 Pis 4 B 08036 Barcelona

Industries: Healthtech, Medtech

Funding stage: Seed (0.25 M EUR - < 1 M EUR) Founded: 2013 Employees: From 11 to 20

Business model: Development & Manufacturing, Software licence Target: Business

Galgo Medical is a medical imaging software company. products: • Arrhythmias (ADAS3D), to identify the arrhythmic substrate and to plan catheter ablation procedures. • Osteoporosis (3D-SHAPER), to improve diagnosis by turning DXA images into 3D patient-specific models. • Intra-cranial aneurysms (ANKYRAS), to plan, for each patient, the endovascular treatment with braided devices. • Epilepsy (SYLVIUS platform), to tailor the implantation of deep electrodes using complex 3D multimodal data.


1,000K € ( October 2015 )

Minority stake unknown %

Investors: INVEREADY

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