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Carrer Caracas 13-15 Nau 6 8030 Barcelona

Industries: 3D Printing / Additive Manufacturing, Hardware & Wearables

Funding stage: Pre-seed (< 0.25 M EUR) Founded: 2013 Employees: From 11 to 20

Business model: Development & Manufacturing Target: Business

Our ultimate objective is to bring automatic polishing and grinding based on our non-fluid electrolyte to any relevant industries and thereby become the leading polishing machine manufacturer worldwide. With MURUA, we are already present in over 29 countries around the world through our extensive distribution network. e are working to offer different solutions for automotive, healthcare and aeronautics parts based on different sizes and geometries of the pieces. We have already invoiced 1,2 Mio

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  • Hardware & Wearables
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  • Hardware & Wearables
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