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DR Healthcare


Carrer Escoles Pies, 49 Principal 08017 Barcelona

Industries: Biotech & Pharma, Foodtech & Drinks, Healthtech & Medtech, Wellness & Beauty

Technologies: Biotech & Synthetic Biology, Nanotechnology & New Materials, Neurosciences Other fields: Circular Economy, Social Economy

Funding stage: Founded: 2007 Employees:

Business model: Development & Manufacturing, Ecommerce & Trade, Marketplace, R+D+I Services Target: Business, Consumer

DR Healthcare is a biomedical company specialized in medical nutrition, founded in 2007 in Barcelona (Spain), which is dedicated to research, development, innovation and licensing of new nutraceuticals products. Our medical nutrition products are aimed at preventing chronic diseases, to alleviate the pain and correct physiological dysfunctions and/or metabolic diseases, mainly associated with metabolic disorder caused by a deficiency of the intestinal enzyme diamine oxidase (DAO)

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