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Carrer Llacuna, 161, 3a planta 08018 Barcelona

Industries: Blockchain, Fintech & Insurtech, Internet Of Things, Circular Economy, Industry 4.0, Sharing Economy

Funding stage: Series A (1 M EUR - < 5 M EUR) Founded: 2016 Employees: From 6 to 10

Business model: Marketplace, Saas, Others Target: Business, Consumer helps marketplaces enable revenue models: secure payments between buyers and sellers, shipping services, point-of-sale credit and insurance to be offered to their users. LEMONPAY es la primera app que te permite comprar y vender productos de segunda mano en Internet sin riesgos y sin moverte de tu casa. Guardamos el dinero en depósito seguro, hacemos el transporte del paquete y pagamos al vendedor si todo ha ido bien.


1,000K € ( March 2018 )

Minority stake unknown %


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