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Carrer Sant Joan De La Salle nº42 (Ed S Miquel Febres), 2ª 08022 Barcelona

Industries: Artificial Intelligence, Fintech & Insurtech, Healthtech, Medtech, Mobile Software

Funding stage: Series A (1 M EUR - < 5 M EUR) Founded: 2011 Employees: From 11 to 20

Business model: Software licence, Other types of licence Target: Business

Meiktor is the most advanced and accurate expert system for pre-diagnoses, triage and decision-making support. The first artificial intelligent system clinically validated that is transforming healthcare for everyone. A technology that finally makes it possible to reduce access barriers to healthcare: - Patients can make better decisions from the first symptoms - And the healthcare system can organize its demand and optimize resources to offer a better medical coverage.


3,000K € ( October 2018 )

Minority stake unknown %


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