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Passeig Sant Gervasi, 12 Ent Pta. 1 08022 Barcelona

We have created an application and hardware, which allows us open access from a cell phone and control of this access. Using in-house developed technology, we can work worldwide, without the customer requiring a wireless network. Our switchboards work with GSM technology and these are connected directly to our server. After installing the unit, we can take direct control of access and tailor all access to the needs of our consumers. We can therefore bring together all solutions required by customers in a unique and effective solution.

Industries & Technologies

Industries: Mobile, Hardware & Wearables
Technologies: Internet Of Things
Other fields: Industry 4.0, Smart Cities

Financial data

Funding stage:
Founded: 2011

Other information

Business model: Ecommerce & Trade, Subscription
Target: Business, Consumer
Spinoff participants: None / Not a spinoff


- (May 2017)


Investors: CitiBox

- (July 2014)

Minority stake unknown %


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