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Camí de la Torre Baixa, 60 08789 La Torre de Claramunt

Industries: Fashion & Design, Business & Productivity, Ecommerce, Greentech, Logistic Tech

Technologies: Systems Integration & Advanced Manufacturing, Artificial Intelligence, Internet Of Things Other fields: Circular Economy, Sharing Economy, Social Economy

Funding stage: Founded: 2017 Employees:

Business model: Ecommerce & Trade, Marketplace, Subscription Target: Business, Consumer

Pislow is a fashion rental marketplace which offers a new way of sustainable consume, a platform with a new concept in Spain. We would like to offer an added value to the sector, maintaining the advantages of a fast and changing fashion as demand the current consumer. We want to create a new alternative of Buying, which improve the outbid and could offer more options to the user. Users can rent our garments during a period of 7 days/1 month or with a monthly subscription, the disruption one.


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