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Carrer Pablo Iglesias 56, Hospitalet del Llobregat, Barcelona 08908 Hospitalet del Llobregat

Industries: Hardware & Wearables, Greentech

Technologies: Internet Of Things Other fields: Circular Economy, Industry 4.0

Funding stage: Series A (1 M EUR - < 5 M EUR) Founded: 2015 Employees: From 11 to 20

Business model: Development & Manufacturing, Saas, Subscription Target: Consumer

Data centers consume 6% of the global electricity (more than India) and their CO2 emissions are +4% of the world's total emissions (even more than 2 times commercial air travel). Submer develops the SmartPod and the CryptoPod; highly efficient and eco-friendly immersion cooling racks for data centers, cloud providers and cryptocurrency miners that save 50% of the electricity and 87% of the physical space required for IT equipment.

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