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Carrer Llatzeret, 30 P. 4 Pta. 1 8005 Barcelona

Industries: Artificial Intelligence, Film & Video & Photo, Hardware & Wearables, Mobile Software, Virtual Reality / Augmented Reality

Funding stage: Pre-seed (< 0.25 M EUR) Founded: 2015 Employees: From 1 to 5

Business model: Software licence, Other types of licence, Subscription Target: Consumer

tangiblemode builds deep Augmented Reality experiences across interactive books, films and games. From writing, film, music architectures, experimental video, performance, documentary, sound-art, to all sorts of poetry… Behind the scenes, we project data mining & semantic analysis onto these sometimes overlapping inputs. Multidimensional semantic datasets emerge. Combined with human-driven AI, we synthesise an entirely new AR experience that can evolve and adapt uniquely to each user.

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  • Hardware & Wearables
  • Mobile Software
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  • Hardware & Wearables
  • Internet & Other Software
  • Virtual Reality / Augmented Reality

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