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El Nan Casteller. A new Game, an old tradition


Avinguda Paisos Catalans, 74 43206 Reus

Industries: Fashion & Design

Technologies: ICT Other fields: -

Funding stage: Pre-seed (< 0.25 M EUR) Founded: 2012 Employees: From 1 to 5

Business model: Development & Manufacturing Target: Business, Consumer

Little Hugs. Big Creations. A LITTLE HUG CAN BE REALLY POWERFUL. Hugging makes everything possible! The Nan World allows building amazing constructions with hugs, which meanwhile encourages balance, inclusion and empathy based on creativity and freethinking. Enjoy! All our products are made from wood that comes entirely from sustainable local forests, which may not be put to other uses. Produced in a Local Special Employment Centre. Designed in Barcelona.

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