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Carrer de Roc Boronat, 117, 2na 08018 Barcelona

Amalfi is a range of powerful platforms combining leading edge data analytics techniques with our in-depth understanding of hospital management to predict the future needsof healthcare organisations. our advanced technology can deep-dive analyse even the most complex patterns of chronic diseases with multiple conditionswhich immediately let you tackle a costly area accounts for 50%resources of some service providers. our technology is the result of severalworld-class research developed in upc

Industries & Technologies

Industries: Healthtech
Technologies: AI & Big Data, Digital Health
Other fields: Industry 4.0, Deeptech

Financial data

Funding stage:
Founded: 2017

Other information

Business model: Saas, Software licence
Target: Business
Spinoff participants: University (UPC)


0.5M € (February 2020)

Minority stake unknown %

Investors: n.a.

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