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Carrer Baldiri Reixac, 4 08028 Barcelona

Design and development of new biomaterials and bioplastics to be industrialized, providing the technical solutions to solve the challenges ofcutting-edge technology. we work in: biomedicine (tissue engineering) and automotive electronics. our work is done with 100% sustainable materials with the environment. pla, pha, pbs, pef ...

Industries & Technologies

Industries: Healthtech, Green & Energytech
Technologies: Frontier materials, Robotics & Collaborative Robotics, Additive manufacturing, New biological design, Bioengineering & Regenerative medicine
Other fields: Circular Economy, Industry 4.0, Smart Cities, Deeptech

Financial data

Funding stage:
Founded: 2017

Other information

Business model: Development & Manufacturing, Subscription
Target: -
Spinoff participants: None / Not a spinoff

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