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Wiring Technologies

Carrer Pau Claris, 100 08009 Barcelona

Industries: Digital Content & Media, Biotech & Pharma

Technologies: Big Data, Artificial Intelligence Other fields: Industry 4.0, Smart Cities

Funding stage: Pre-seed (< 0.25 M EUR) Founded: 2016 Employees: From 6 to 10

Business model: Consultancy & Agency, Saas Target: Business

8Wires is a fast-growing startup in the field of machine learning and data analytics. Our main value proposition is to answer the business key questions and distill the knowledge acquired to our clients in a transparent, efficient and trusted way, covering the whole data science and architecture value chain, from data integration and preparation to the model deployment. For that reason, we are mainly, software developers, data scientists, data engineers and technical project managers.

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