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Aortyx is a pioneer company founded in 2018 by researchers from the IQS School of Engineering and the Hospital Clínic de Barcelona aiming to revolutionize the field of aortic implants with its innovative platform for endovascular patches. With an initial focus on treating aortic dissection, Aortyx is developing a family of biomimetic, bioresorbable endovascular patches that are deployed via a specialized aortic catheter. The patches are designed to promote natural repair of the aorta, adhering to the vessel wall and integrating with native tissue. By providing a safer and more effective alternative to traditional surgery, Aortyx has the potential to dramatically improve patient outcomes. With a strong IP portfolio, a powerful product pipeline, and a team that includes top physicians, chemists, biologists, and engineers, Aortyx is poised to capture a significant share of the $3 billion aortic implant market.

Industries & Technologies

Industries: Healthtech
Technologies: Medical devices, Frontier materials, Biotechnology
Other fields: Social Economy, Deeptech, Scaleup

Financial data

Funding stage:
Founded: 2018

Other information

Business model: Other types of licence
Target: Business
Spinoff participants: University (Universitat Ramon Llull IQS School of Engineering); University - Hospital (Hospital Clínic Barcelona)


2.4M € (April 2021)

Capital increase unknown %

Investors: Capital Cell platform

0.7M € (November 2019)

Minority stake unknown %

Investors: Genesis Biomed

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