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Passeig de Manuel Girona 44, Atic 2ª 08034 Barcelona

Freeverse is a games technology company whose objective is to introduce a completely new way of playing games, and a completely new business model to the industry. we make games and technology that enable players to truly own their in-game assets, whose value is determined by their usefulness, as well as their rarity. our tech allows game players to evolve their digital assets, trade them on a global market for real money, and convert fun into value.

Industries & Technologies

Industries: Gaming, ICT & Mobile
Technologies: DLT/Blockchain
Other fields: Sharing Economy, Deeptech, Scaleup

Financial data

Funding stage:
Founded: 2019

Other information

Business model: -
Target: -
Spinoff participants: None / Not a spinoff


10M € (May 2022)


Investors: Earlybird Venture Capital, Target Global, Adara Ventures, 4Founders Capital

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