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Carrer Pau Claris, 94, 3B 08010 Barcelona

Zymvol Biomodeling SL is a privately owned biotech company specialized in computer-driven enzyme discovery and engineering, assisting companies in early stage enzyme development, in particular, the discovery and optimization of industrial enzymes. The company's vision is to catalyze the replacement of unsustainable chemical processes, which often use expensive and contaminating metal catalysts, by clean and sustainable biocatalysts.

Industries & Technologies

Industries: Healthtech, Green & Energytech
Technologies: Biotechnology, AI & Big Data, Cloud & Edge Computing, Catalysis & biocatalysis, Green chemistry, Sustainable materials
Other fields: Circular Economy, Deeptech, Scaleup

Financial data

Funding stage:
Founded: 2017

Other information

Business model: Consultancy & Agency, R+D+I Services
Target: Business
Spinoff participants: None / Not a spinoff


1.3M € (February 2023)


Investors: Elaia Partners

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