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Avinguda de Bellissens, 42 43204,0 Reus

Viajes para ti is a travel agency specializing in online sales, owner of the brans and

Industries & Technologies

Industries: Traveltech & Leisure
Technologies: AI & Big Data
Other fields: -

Financial data

Funding stage: Exit
Founded: 2015

Other information

Business model: Ecommerce & Trade, Others
Target: -
Spinoff participants: None / Not a spinoff

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We dispatch online travel packages to medium- and long-haul destinations (asia, america, europe). our product offers an innovative and adaptive platform that has changed the way trips are bought.
  • Traveltech & Leisure
  • AI & Big Data
  • Scaleup
Spontaneous citybreaks to a surprise destination for the pre-established price of €150. two days before departure, travelers discover where they are flying.
  • Traveltech & Leisure
  • AI & Big Data
We sell tourism packages that can be personalized by the end client online.
  • Traveltech & Leisure
  • AI & Big Data

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