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Avinguda Ernest Lluch 32, Planta baixa 08302 Mataró

Sweanty is dedicated to develop solutions based on sweat analysis thanks to smart patches. its activity is focused on medical devices and is currently working on a solution for the sports medical sectordesevolupar y comercialitzar pegats inteligents per l'analisi de la suor

Industries & Technologies

Industries: Healthtech, Sports
Technologies: IoT & Sensors, Batteries & Storage, Medical devices
Other fields: Industry 4.0, Deeptech

Financial data

Funding stage:
Founded: 2021

Other information

Business model: Ecommerce & Trade, Marketplace
Target: Consumer
Spinoff participants: CERCA Centre (Institut de Microelectrònica de Barcelona (IMB-CNM,CSIC)); CSIC Centre (CSIC)

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